Happy With Support Received!


"Hello, I wanted to give a shout out to James who works in the technical support call center. I've had lots of questions and problems with my site over the past few months, and James has been incredibly helpful. He's great at explaining things and uses easy-to-understand examples to help me learn about the basics of web sites. He's also very patient. I have several cognitive issues, so I often need to ask people to repeat things 4 or 5 times. James has always been patient, friendly, and helpful. I can't tell you how nice it is to find a phone help rep who knows what he's doing and makes me feel like it's OK to call with questions and problems. Nothing is more stressful than computer/web site problems, so it's been a huge relief to know that I can call someone who will help me. I wish all of your tech support reps were as skilled and as easy to talk to as James."

Thank you!!!
Erika Dillman


"I have had occasion to use your LiveChat twice over the past few days. Talked to Vinod Kumar and Michael Torrance. Both were exceptionally helpful and clear. They were able to take the conversation down to meet my minimum technical level of understanding so I could make good decisions about what I needed. I really appreciate that you provide such good customer support."


"Please accept my gratitude for the swift and professional support that I received from your online support staff at Lunarpages. I was extremely surprised at how quick and effortless (on my part) my situation was resolved. It is a great reassurance to know that any future issues will be dealt with competent and professional individuals. Please note the technicians below that assisted me with my issue and extend my appreciation to them."

Norman Jay


"To Whom It May Concern, Today I went from a reseller account to a VPS account. It was a complex project, but I had lots of help from your awesome telephone support. In fact, one such person, went above and beyond. I explained that I was frustrated because my email was not operating appropriately. He gave me advice and we parted ways. Lo and behold, a few minutes later, my email bin started to beep. I had mail! One of the messages came from the tech (Robert Paprocki) whom let me know that after we hung up, he continued to attempt to fix the problem. He had found some false coding, and repaired it. Seriously?! On a Sunday night, after everyone else would have given up, he hung in and helped me out. Great work!"

Kate Brough


"Hi Malin, I thank you for the outstanding support you have provided, cleaning up the mess that was left by hacker and upgrading the Joomla to more secure and stable version. Somehow, I still cannot access ticket# 2642186. I do not know why. Although I can access new and old support account… Your assistance on this one is probably needed."

Thanks again and have a good night!


"I've been a Lunarpages customer for several years now, and just completed the third upgrade on my account. Everyone on the support team that I worked with was highly professional, and the transition from one server to another was seamless thanks to their help. I've always found it refreshing that even though I interact with several individuals during the process, it doesn't feel that way...each team member picks up at exactly the correct spot and understands what has happened already and what is coming next before they communicate with me. This is the exact opposite of other support organizations that I've worked with where each interaction requires a complete description from me of everything that has happened before. You guys must be running a kick-ass CRM system :^) I know that there are less expensive hosting providers that I could use, but honestly a big reason I stay with LP is the support team."

Thanks again for all the help over the years!
Perry Donham President, KidPub Press


"Sujit Kornwithayasin, Customer Service Representative I at Lunarpages Internet Solutions, has fixed my problem. Thank you so very much for fixing the .htaccess file. I am not very proficient in managing this file. Thank you also for your prompt response and for editing the file.

It is so satisfying to be able to rely upon you, as a support team member, to fix relatively simple things and save me hours of frustrsation. I really appreciate the support response and willingness of the support team to assist with problems, it makes it a real pleasure to have the website hosted with Lunarpages. Thank you again."

Best wishes,
Suzanne Neubauer


"I just wanted to let you know how much of a help Robert P. was in your dedicated support! He helped resolve a VERY complex mail routing issue that had perplexed other support staff. I am not the kind of person to email positive feedback unless the support personal truly deserves it, and in this case Robert P. definitely does."

Thanks again,
Kyle Kazak


"Just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the quick and accurate assistance I got today from Shawn of your tech support team. I've been a long-time customer of Lunarpages and my highest traffic site had a problem today (I thought it was being hacked!), but Shawn quickly found the problem, fixed it and I was good to go in a matter of just a few minutes.

Thought you'd like to know how pleased I am consistently with your customer service. I rarely need help (I'm fairly techie myself), but when I do, the support has always been excellent."

Thank you. :-)


"Hi, We had an issue with our server. We were not able to access a certain portion. AJ very quickly diagnosed the issue and was able to correct the problem quickly and to our satisfaction. He was very patient, polite and friendly. A pleasure to work with. Please contact me if you need any additional information."

Thank you!
Christine Roberts


"I've just had great support tonight from Sujit and Roxana on a support ticket. Great service, as always when I have to ask a technical question. I've been with Lunarpages for years and it is always the same excellent service. Well done guys!"

Thank you for helping me out,
Lena Jasiak Hall


"I want to thank Lunarpages and Tech Support employee Robert P in particular for helping me yesterday, Thursday, 7/26. It was refreshing to be able to call in and get a quick answer to my issue. Robert P pinpointed the problem within minutes assuring me that Special Guests was not blacklisted. He was even able to determine that my personal server WAS, in fact, blacklisted so that I knew to call them to be sure they were aware of and working to resolve the situation.

In this day of automated computer responses and directions to check a website for answers first, it is nice to be able to talk to a real human being who is knowledgeable and courteous."

Thank you,
Christine Dennis


"I just wanted to tell you that I have had a very wonderful experience with James Barcellano as my website designer. I received a call from James almost two months ago informing me that he would take over as my website designer. From that moment he took over, all his replies to my requests were very quick (averaging within about an hour), he took the effort to understand what I wanted, actually read my messages, and made the updates on the site about as quickly as well. I didn't realize that such a service could be sustained throughout the life of a project.

James was very kind and patient with me as I asked a whole bunch of questions and requested changes. He also usually answered the phone when I called and that made me feel very welcome. Anyway, my site is live now and I'm happy with the result. But James really sticks out as super kind and helpful. I never felt as though he thought me to be to me a pain in the rear. Actually everyone at Lunarpages who I spoke to was very kind. So keep hiring such good people and you'll get lots of word of mouth advertising."

David Otazu


"Once again Lunarpages has provided me with amazing technical support, in a timely manner. Your continuous excellent service is what has kept me with your hosting services for years now. For someone without a lot of hosting experience, I never feel hung out to dry in a sea of technical jargon and I really appreciate your above and beyond attitude."

Keep up the great work!


"I wanted to send praise for the excellent customer service that I received from Juan Prieto! I am what my husband calls a 'user'. We changed internet providers and all of the emails that I would send just sat in my outbox. Juan has a special gift of communicating how to fix problems calmly and in an easy way to understand. I want to commend him for his patience and expertise in helping me with an email problem. My husband is a computer programmer and has always told me that he likes Lunarpages. Me being in marketing/advertising, and not knowing a lot about computers, the internet and companies such as lunarpages, I see why my husband trusts Lunarpages for my web hosting. Juan went out of his way to help me with an email problem that had nothing to do with a server issue."

Thanks Lunarpages!


"Hello, my name is Doug Wolfram and I work for Central Breaker and Control and we have had an account for about a year now. I deal with anything to do with the website even though I do not have any web building experience - we love you guys especially when we call customer service. Always pleasant, never a unhappy person (might help living inCali) and they do whatever to solve or answer my problem making it seem very simple.

I appreciate having a clear English speaking person on the other line who is intelligent and even laid back - in a good, professional way of course. We stay with you guys because your service is amazing and the prices are on the money - keep these things going you'll keep us as a customer."


"I just wanted to thank Lunarpages support - specifically Flora Lui for the exceptional support I received. My ticket was addressed very quickly and by knowledgeable staff who understood my issue immediately without further explanation. It is hard to find experienced and skilled support systems with many vendors these days and I am very happy to have such a positive experience with your support and services."

Thank You,
David Adams


"To Whom It May Concern: I want to take a moment and thank AJ for his awesome help this afternoon. He helped emensly with our email issues. He Rocks!!!! As a long time customer of Lunarpages its nice to have this kind of service when in a bind."

Karen Sander


"I wanted to let you know that you have a fantastic representative in Jonathan. Recently my admin account was exploited and multiple websites were destroyed by a Syrian hacker. This was a learning experience I will not plan to repeat and I see the need to document these learning's to share with others. I was at a horse show when I received the first indications of a problem. My cell phone emails where showing new domains getting added and nearly a $1,000 dollar in charges. Immediately I contacted billing and customer service to delete the domains, give me a verbal new password and refund the charges. The sigh of relief was short lived. The next morning I get a call that our website impulsionunlimited.com home page was hacked and the new home page displayed was a profane message from a pissed off hacker. What didn't know was there were 4 new programs inserted into subdirectories two weeks earlier that gave him access to log files, shell access, email passwords as fast as I could change them etc.

Jonathan spent hour after patient hour over a series of very high stress days working with me to trouble shoot, bounce ideas off of him and coach me as needed. I paid to have a backup restored but that didn't work because the hacker placed his files 2 weeks before. Fortunately a did have one backup from July on a machine at home and my databases were intact. Jonathan even helped with the trickiest part of all to get my Joomla admin password to work again. He understands the concept of customer value better than 99.9% of people and companies I consult with on sales and customer service. Lunarpages customer support has always been 1st rate in hosting companies for me and I readily recommend you over anyone else.

Jonathan is exceptional in an exceptional company. He is the rare type of person who needs to be groomed or promoted into higher levels in your organization if that is in line with his goals. Please recognize him for me and if you have an annual meeting and he wins an award, I would be honored to donate my time to tell my story and present it."


"Just wanted to thank you for employing David Kawinsuporn on your support team! He helped me and my client with a blocked IP address and we really appreciate his fast, courteous and kind service! I've said this before, but this kind of support is one of the main reasons that I keep putting my clients with Lunarpages!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I have recently been assisted by Zach Rogen on a security issue that a site of mine was facing to which I was completely unaware of. He was extremely helpful, supportive and friendly and is a reminder why I feel my decision to continue using Lunarpages as my hosting service of choice is rightfully justified. Keep up the great work."



"I would like to make special mention of Ionut Jar and Adrian Avadani in their professional approach and flair in dealing with my support/security issues. They should be commended for their knowledge and always willingness to act on my requests promptly. Another name that gives me a smile to my face and sense of peace of mind in answering my tickets is Kyle Hammond... he has just not been so visible on my tickets lately. Adrian, in particular seems to be my dedicated support manager with Ionut always popping in and makes my day shine. Adrian, you rock buddy! Please convey my appreciation to these three fine fellows. I do appreciate your commitment!"


"My name is Avel Ureno and I am the owner of BatteriesInAFlash.com, Inc. I have been with Lunarpages for many years now and I have to say that I am extremely happy with your staff and customer support team. A few people that stand out are Dragos Gabriel Fedorovici, Adrian Avadani, Margarit Mugurel, Catalin Singurelu and Ionut Jar. There are more people but I cannot think of them at the moment. They are always courtesy and very helpful in solving any problems I may have. I am now upgrading my service once again for the 3rd time to your i7 dedicated hosting plan. I have referred 3 different customers to you and will continue to do so.I appreciate Lunarpages and your team for helping me grow as a server admin for my company. They have taught me alot and worked with me through many support ticket, phone conversations and problems or issues I have encountered. Oh, Please add Boris Karaoglanov to the list."

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