Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers are aimed at enterprise level businesses with advanced IT departments that receive high levels of traffic to their websites. A dedicated server can give your website the flexibility and scalability needed to implement and manage software, applications and configurations. If you business is getting high levels of traffic, a shared hosting plan is not going to suffice. Upgrading to a dedicated server gives you the ability to host as many websites and mailboxes as you want so you are never in need of disc space, bandwidth or software restrictions.

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When you choose to upgrade to a dedicated server you can rest assured that security is not an issue. With shared hosting plans your website is on the same server as other customers. With a dedicated server, your website or websites are the only sites on the server. This means that security issues such as malware, intrusion hacks and viruses will never get through due to another website owner’s lack of security. If your business is getting high levels of traffic, your visitors could suffer to bandwidth limits that are associated with shared plans. While shared plans are great for small websites, a dedicated server is essential for businesses that are outgrowing their current hosting services.

Since your business will be the only organization with access to your data, you will never to worry about customer information being compromised. While on a shared or VPS plan, system administrators always have access to your data. This promotes a problem for securing customer and client email addresses, credit card numbers and social security information. Enjoy the freedom of installing customized operating systems, security software and applications that are specific to your business.

Lunarpages Dedicated Hosting plans give businesses the web solutions they need to expand their operations and increase online authority. Lunarpages offers five different plans to choose from, as well as customizable solutions for webmasters with greater needs. Choose from our Linux or Windows packages or our all-new Hexacore for higher resources and greater control of your dedicated server. All Lunarpages dedicated hosting plans come with priority 24-hour support to keep your server online with minimal downtime.

Lunarpages' new Dual Hexa Core Dedicated Hosting Plan is perfect for the enterprise level customer who needs a higher performing dedicated server. Heavy MySQL/MSSQL users, multi-user systems, and gaming sites are preferred for these high performance dedicated servers, which utilize SATA drives and Hexa Core processors for hard drive reliability, optimum performance, and better disk throughput.

Dedicated Web Hosting
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