Windows Server 2012

Windows Server® Empowers Hosting

Windows Server 2012 with Lunarpages lets your business soar to new levels.

Anywhere Access

  • Windows Server 2012 Personalized – rich user experience from many more devices while adapting to different network conditions quickly and responsively
  • Intelligent Security – infrastructure that allows and helps you enhance data security and compliance with granular access to data based on identity and device security status

Modern App Platform

  • Frameworks and Services – tools to increase scalability and expansion for applications that support multi-tenant environments and improve overall density and efficiency
  • Enhanced support for open frameworks – open source applications and programming languages along with web standards for PHP and node.js are supported

Storage Space Availability

  • Deduplication – eliminates duplicated space by 90% over the operating system installation. Reclaiming 100’s of gigabytes of space has never been easier
  • Thin Provisioning – don’t dedicate an amount of storage to a virtual machine that it might take a year or more to use, you start small and let it grow in controlled increments
  • Storage Spaces – rather than buying third party tools or expensive storage products, you can now compile low-priced disks together into a larger storage software pool and create a virtual SAN

Scalable Cloud

Global Failover

Colocation Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Web Design Packages

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