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Dedicated Managed Hosting

Upgrading to a dedicated server isn’t always a smooth process. The cost of employing somebody to oversee the implementation, or having to oversee the process yourself, can be time consuming and confusing. At Lunarpages, we strive to give all customers the smoothest transition possible by taking over time consuming processes like rebooting, retrieving backups and kernel updates. We offer managed lite for all of our Windows dedicated and three levels of managed hosting for our Linux customers.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring provides you an in-depth view of how your website and application performs for the end user. Proactively find the cause of degradation in the performance of your site and applications.

Microsoft Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange email has become a standard for many businesses today. Lunarpages offers Microsoft Exchange email hosting services to all of our clients because of the many benefits this communication platform offers. Cost-effective start-up costs, affordable operating costs and universal compatibility are just some of the advantages to using our Microsoft Exchange email hosting services.

Hosted Desktop

Our Hosted Desktop allows you to access all of your applications in less than one second; access your data safely, from anywhere, on a virtual desktop that works just like your local computer.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Any disaster is a sudden event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction. An even broader definition is sudden or great misfortune or failure. Basically, anything that impedes continuity resulting in loss with possibly devastating effects. Business continuity and disaster recovery preparation will provide businesses with reliable continuous operation.

Global Failover

In an environment where it is crucial to your business to stay online, deploying your application across multiple data centers will protect your business from outages. With Global DNS, failovers are automatic to secondary locations, and provide improved uptime.

Dedicated Hosting

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