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Lunarpages managed shared hosting is the perfect solution for website owners that want to focus on their business without worrying about the IT side of their website.

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Our team of IT professionals manage your shared hosting plan 24/7 to make sure that your website is running smoothly and securely. Whether you want to upgrade scripts, web apps or open source software, our team of experts will be happy to implement the upgrades for you, alleviating the stress of doing it yourself. Our team will also be able to monitor installations and upgrades to help correct any issues that could arise with compatibility or on-page functionality. Lunarpages has designed our Managed Shared Hosting service to work for you so you can rest easy knowing that your website is in the hands of professionals.

What Does Managed Shared Hosting Include?
All Lunarpages Managed Shared Hosting includes the support that you receive with our Shared Hosting packages and comes with extra support features that are focused on managing your website.


  • Exclusive live chat support 24 hours/day
  • Exclusive toll-free telephone support 24 hours/day
  • Exclusive help desk support 24 hours/day
  • SecureLive website monitoring (installed on request)1
    One of the most powerful website monitoring systems on the market, SecureLive allows the Lunarpages support team to identify and resolve web application and security issues before they affect significant business processes on your website.
  • Premium Restore backup insurance
    Our Premium Restore backup and recovery application allows the Lunarpages support team to restore your website back to working condition in the event of data loss or hardware failure. With the Premium Restore option you will have access to the unlimited restores without the normal £50 restore fee.
  • Make Changes to customer’s cPanel
    Our Lunarpages IT staff will help you with all cPanel functions including redirects, managing domains, email accounts, spam filters and more!
  • Installation and upgrades to open source web apps such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress
  • Exploit protection for web apps like Joomla and WordPress
  • Web editing software assistance
    Lunarpages offers assistance in the configuration of design tools such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver while helping each customer learn how to publish a site.
  • 2 hours each month of administration time2
  • Email setup on customer’s local machine with live chat support
  • Overall management for maintaining the functionality of client websites

What Sets Lunarpages Apart From The Competition?
Lunarpages’ number one concern is customer safety and the safety of the information contained on our client’s websites. In order to serve our customers effectively, we use SecureLive, a patented, real-time website hacking protection service that monitors all client websites and servers 24/7 using Continuous Scanning Technology (CST). This real-time hacking detection software has been proven as a means to stop criminals before a crime can be committed.

As of today, SecureLive has shut down over 11,000 attack sites, blocked nearly 50 millions attacks and initiated the prosecution of cyber-criminals while working directly with law enforcement officers and service providers. SecureLive offers case building and data collection for compiling evidence against single and multiple network hackers.

SecureLive’s success rate is due to a combination of artificial intelligence software, CST and live human account monitoring. SecureLive will block intruders, alert you and our team of professionals and report all incidents to local and federal law enforcement agencies automatically.

When it comes to website protection, you want the best. SecureLive is the only web security application that has the aggression and superiority needed to fight cybercrime. SecureLive supports installations and scripts of popular web applications such as Drupal, e107, WordPress, and Joomla. (Coming soon: PHPNuke, Magento, Xoops and Mambo.)

How Much Does It Cost?
Lunarpages Managed Shared Hosting is £25.99 per month in addition to the cost of your regular hosting account. This fee is charged on a month-to-month basis. If you ever decide that this feature is not needed, you can contact Lunarpages and we will remove it from your account. On any given month if you exceed your 2-hour limit of administration time, with your approval, we will continue working to resolve any issues for a discounted rate of £38/hour.

What If I Have More Than One Domain Registered To My Account?
Our Managed Shared Hosting plan covers your entire account. If you have multiple domain names registered to your account and you need assistance, we can add SecureLive to them as well. The cost of this service is £6.49 per month per domain monitored with our software.

How Can I Add Managed Shared Hosting To My Account?
You can add our Managed Shared Hosting services to your account by contacting the Lunarpages billing department at 1-877-586-2772 option 2. Speak with our customer service representative and indicate that you would like to add Managed Shared Hosting to your account. If you call the general support line, ask for a support representative for more information on this service. You can also add Managed Shared Hosting services through the Customer Account Page. For new account orders, check the “Managed Shared Hosting” options during the checkout process for these services.

1 If your website currently contains exploited or injected code, and/or is discovered to be once we install SecureLive™ on your account, there will be a minimum of 6 hours of administrative time required by Lunarpages in order to remove the exploited or injected code. You are provided 2 hours at no cost per month and therefore only responsible for the remaining 4 hours. Payment for the remaining 4 hours must be made prior to any removal of your code. This is a non-refundable fee.

2 Please note that basic design and development does not include redesigns of websites, custom coding, Flash®, SEO, SEM, search engine submission, shopping cart management (including product, plugin and custom configurations), 3rd party, non-compatible or outdated plugin/module/component troubleshooting, ASP/JSP/PHP/Javascript coding, converting databases (MySQL to MSSQL or vice-versa), site transfers (new customers must qualify for site transfer), and custom graphic editing. Managed Shared Hosting includes simple text/css changes, image troubleshooting/relocating, checking website code for validity, installing/uninstalling scripts through Fantastico or Softaculous. For more information please see our WIKI.

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